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First Word                                                                February 2006

                               Well, here goes!


Hello Everyone and welcome to the first newsletter of 2006.  I know some of you enjoy winter sports like snowmobiling and skiing and cheer when the weatherman forecasts 8-10 inches of snow, but I for one am happy when they forecast 50+ degrees.  Of course, this January we've been getting both!  One day I see 2 beautiful corvettes outside my yard, and the next day I'm shoveling 4 inches of heavy wet snow.


The board met earlier this month to start the wheels in motion for a very exciting year ahead.  Spring Fling is set for May 28 (Memorial Day weekend) with a rain date of June 18 (Father's Day) at the Budweiser Plant in Merrimack.  We're going to start registration at 8:30 and start judging right at noon.  The board talked about a few ways to streamline the day, and we'll all have 2-way radios to keep communications flowing.  Dean Gagne will have the first committee meeting at 7 pm on 2/10, prior to the regular meeting.  Please arrive at Dobles early if you wish to participate in the meeting that evening.


The Corvettes Conquer Cancer dinner has a date and a theme.  It will be on August 12 at the Nashua airport, the theme is:  The Triple C* (*Corvettes Conquer Cancer) Western Round Up.  Ideas are already buzzing about some of the fun things we can do for entertainment this year.  I'll be sending out an e-mail looking for volunteers for various committees.  We learned a lot last year about running this event, and we'll be working to tweak the process even more this year. 


You'll find in the newsletter two suggested by-law changes that were approved by the board for discussion and a vote by the membership.  The changes are for clarification of current practices.  We'll discuss them at the February meeting with a plan to vote on them in March.  Dennis Granger has volunteered to help tweak the website too.  We'll be looking to update that group picture currently on the front page and make a few other changes to update the look.


We also included a general calendar for the year listing club meeting dates and a few other events.  Our annual bowling night will be March 18 and I'm looking to get rid of that crying towel!  I bet some of the younger members of our club (like the under age 10 group) will have better bowling scores than me!  There are some potential events listed as well - we may want to add, change or take out events over the course of the year - this is just for starters! 


Let's hope for good weather for the February meeting - and don't forget to make plans for your special valentine that weekend too!


Lynn Nault,





Gate City Corvette Club, Inc. is one of approximately 600 Corvette Clubs throughout the United States and Canada.

The purpose of Gate City Corvette Club is to make being a Corvette owner more fun.  Gate City Corvette Club meets at

8:00 p.m. the second Friday of the month at Dobles Chevrolet, 1250 South Willow Street, Manchester, NH.







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First Word……………………Lynn Nault

Secretary’s Report………….Allie DeCampo

Activities Corner……………Dan Feidler

New Addition……………….Norm Wood

Calendar……………………Lynn Nault

By-Law Changes………….Lynn Nault





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President                       Lynn Nault                   (603) 622-3297      

Vice President                           Dan Feidler                  (603) 434-9436    

Secretary                                   Allie DeCampo            (603) 434-4588    

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Officer-At-Large           Hank Vezina                (603) 672-0384    

Membership Director      Dennis Granger            (603) 882-2951    


Past President               Dan Feidler                   (603) 434-9436    


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SECRETARY’S REPORT                                                                   Allie DeCampo




A brief meeting was held at the holiday party at the home of Claudia and Dan Feidler. Dan discussed Claudia’s purchases for Adopt A Family, and thanked everyone for their support of this project.  Claudia shopped wisely, and was able to find everything she wanted for under the amount allowed.  The club agreed to give the left over money to the family in the form of gift certificates to a grocery store.  Individual members donated food items and gift certificates, as well.  Thank you to Claudia and Dan for opening up their home to the entire membership for this fun, festive evening.




The January meeting took place at the annual GCCC Holiday Party at the Lions Hall in Londonderry.  Dan “crowned” our new president, Lynn Nault.  Lynn also took possession of the gavel.  The board members for 2006 were announced (see page 2 of the newsletter.)

The potluck buffet was exceptionally good, and the Yankee Swap was quite tame compared to previous years.  As far as I know, there were no embarrassing surprise gifts.



ACTIVITIES CORNER                                      Dan Feidler, VP/Activities Director


Two years ago I sat here writing my first newsletter as President.

I could not think about what to write then as I do now, but I’ll give it a try.


As Vice President I will help Lynn and stand behind her 100 % in her effort to take the club onto new adventures, and knowing Lynn she has plans to have a lot of fun on the way.


With a new year come some of the things we do every year, Spring Fling and Corvettes Conquer Cancer.  Dean Gagne will be setting up the committee for Spring Fling, and I will be setting up for Corvettes Conquer Cancer.

We need to get started on these events very early this year so at the February meeting the Committees will be meeting starting at 7:00 PM. If interested please be there. We can use all the help we can get. Last year we learned a lot, and in February 2006 we talked about what we need to do this year to make things go easier and better. So your help would be greatly appreciated.  Soon, I will be making arrangements with other clubs to go to their meetings to promote CCC fundraiser.  If anyone is interested in going with me give me a call. I’ll send out e-mails when and where I’m planning on going.


                                    By the time the newsletter hits the web page we will have less then six weeks of winter left. With that thought in mind, it is time to start cleaning and preparing the plastic cars for another year of driving experiences.  As Activities Director I’d like to hear from members on what they would like to do this coming season. So give me a call and I’ll try and help set something up.


That’s all for now.  Hope to see you at the next meeting.

Next meeting date is February 10, 2006 at 8:00 PM at Dobles.





Dan Feidler

Vice President







There’s A New Addition To The Club


 Norm Wood


Susan and I are no longer “Vetteless”. We took delivery of our new Corvette on January 20, 2006. The car arrived about 3 months ahead of its scheduled time. It is full size so I guess we can’t call it a “preemie” but it is still our baby. My dealer, Dobles Chevrolet was given 2 allotments in early December. One was for a roadster and another for their 1st Z06. Because Dobles is not a high volume Corvette dealer and the manager did not know when their next allotment would be granted, they put the orders in thinking it would be about a 12-week delivery date before the cars would arrive. The manager also wanted to make sure I would have a car for this spring. I was also not told the car had been ordered. Well both Corvettes, my White roadster and the Daytona Sunset Orange Z06 arrived at the dealership about six weeks after the order was placed and about six weeks early then expected. When I was notified “my car” was in I didn’t know what they were talking about. After explaining to me what had happened and here it is in the middle of winter, I was not a “happy camper” and they knew it. Well suddenly the weather went up in to the 50-degree plus range, the streets were clear and I had an open stall in my garage…. Maybe this was a good omen, so I took the car home. Now as I write about this situation Mother Nature slams us with 8 inches of snow. Well I guess she gave me a grace period and allowed me to get the car home and play with it for a very short period. I will now have to wait until spring like the rest of you before I can play again.


























Norm, you forgot to tell us the birth weight and time of delivery of your new arrival !!!












By Lynn Nault



"Here is a quick glance of 2006 and some of the many things we have planned or may plan.  The items in blue are things we may want to do - they're just possibilities - they're not set in stone, and we may want to add other events or take some out.  If you have something in particular you'd like to do, please bring it up at a meeting.  I hope we'll be seeing you at one or more functions this year.”





General Club/Events


General Meeting – Dobles

* Spring Fling committee


General Meeting – Dobles

* Spring Fling committee


Bowling – Leda Lanes, Nashua


General Meeting – Dobles

* Spring Fling committee


Extra Spring Fling committee meeting?


Corvettes Conquer Cancer committee meeting


Detailing Event


Breakfast at Parkers (?)


CCRI Newport RI Weekend Trip (?)


General Meeting – Dobles

* Spring Fling committee


Spring Fling Judging Clinic/bag stuffing – Dan F.


Spring Fling


General Meeting – Dobles

* Spring Fling committee wrapup


Lakes Region Joint trip to Mt. Washington (?)


Spring Fling rain date


General Meeting – Dobles

* CCC committee


Club Picnic – Emile & Sue’s





Potential calendar continued on next page.







Potential Calendar 2006 continued.





General Club/Events


General Meeting – Dobles

* CCC committee


Corvettes Conquer Cancer


Travel to Carlisle


General Meeting – Dobles

* CCC wrap up


RI Show (?)


Spindle City Show – wrap up at Joe & Carol’s


Hank Vezina – Fall trip with Lakes Region & others


General Meeting – Dobles


Lee Scarlett – Diner trip



Weekend trip – VT or other location (?)


General Meeting – Dobles

* Vote Board Members


General Meeting – Dobles


Holiday Party – Londonderry Lion’s Club








MEMBER PROFILE                                                              Jason and Carrie Hyde



We are Jason and Carrie Hyde from Hooksett NH. We are 29 and 28 respectively; we have 3 kids; Angela 9, Jerry 7, and Will 4, a cat and a horse. We also have about 400 horses in our red 1969, 427, 4-speed Corvette. We joined the Club because my father Warren is a club member, and we wanted to enjoy the company of other Corvette owners, and their cars. We bought a '69 because we wanted a big block, chrome bumpers; it had to be a C3 (we wanted it all in other words).


Jason and Carrie


“Welcome to Gate City Corvette Club, Jason & Carrie!!!”










Members proudly pose for a

photo op with a plague awarded for

Gate City’s contribution to the

ACS and to Ben for

Corvettes Conquer Cancer.






















Gate City presented Ben with the proceeds from the very popular Corvettes Conquer Cancer Fundraiser ‘Aloha Spirit Night’ held in August 2005.  Gate City will host another Corvettes Conquer Cancer Fundraiser in August 2006 that is sure to be even more successful.    There will be a new fun theme for the evening and more surprises in store for guests! Tickets will be available during the coming months.  Because of seating capacity limitations and the growing popularity of the event, tickets should be purchased well in advance.  Gate City cordially invites all of our friends to take part in this special night!!!







Gate City Corvette Club


Proposed By-Law Changes


At a board meeting in January, the board unanimously approved the proposed by-law changes listed below. These changes are included for members’ review and discussion at the February club meeting, with a vote planned for the March meeting.  The purpose for the change in Article II Section 3-Dues C. Active is that an effective date had never been officially listed.  This way, the amount for dues for the year is whatever the postage rate is as of January 1.  (In 2006, the rates changed January 8 - we won't change the dues until 1/1/2007).


Article II Section 3-Dues F. Elected officers is new.  This has been an unofficial policy for many years, and the Board felt it was important to bring this policy to the membership to either incorporate as part of the by-laws,  modify, or discontinue.


We look forward to your participation in this discussion in February.  If you cannot make the meeting and wish to comment, please send e-mail to Lynn Nault, President.  Thank you!


Proposed by-law changes are as follows:


Change to read:

Article II Section 3 - Dues

C. Active – Annual dues as of January 1 of the current year shall be as follows:

·        Single membership = US stamp rate x 100

·        Joint membership = US stamp rate x 100

 New members shall be required to pay a registration fee to cover the cost of a club shirt per person.


Add new section to read:

Article II Section 3- Dues        

            F. The elected officers of the Club and member appointments selected to serve on

                 the Board of Directors shall be exempt from payment of Club dues following

                 their year of service.


Note: Italics section in red denotes new change






New…30th Anniversary shirt $35.00

New…30th Anniversary patches $5.00

Denim shirts  $25.00

Polo shirts  (white or navy)  $25.00

Sweatshirts  (navy)  $32.00

Club Jacket  $55.00

Baseball hats  $12.00


To purchase contact membership director