Hi Gang!

The month of May, as usual, has been a busy one for the GCCC. Our meeting on May 11 was well attended, and our club continues to attract new Corvette enthusiasts. It is really great that so many of our members are committed to our monthly Friday nights together!

On May 20, we all gathered at the Whittierís home to broaden our car judging skills in preparation of Spring Fling. Al Whittier, with the help of Dick Lemire, reviewed the judging form to an attentive crowd, using Lyleís car as an example. Afterwards, Carol served a delicious brunch buffet. Al allowed us all to park our Vettes on his immaculately groomed lawn, which created an awesome, traffic-stopping spectacle.

Plans for Spring Fling this holiday weekend are in place. Thanks to everyone who has helped out. As I am writing this, I am just hoping for compliant weather.

Hopefully, everyone is planning on attending the Dobles Show to be held on June 10. This is a fun day to just hang out with our Vettes and socialize, as well as show our gratitude to Dobles for supporting our club throughout the year!

The next meeting of the GCCC will be held on June 8 at 8:00 pm at Dobles. See you there!

Your Prez,